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Readers Recent Finds       More info coming!!!

From Garry Hartmann, Beaumont, TX
The mixed frame is composed of arrowheads, knives , bone awls and tools found along the tidal areas of Galveston Bay.  The upper left side is Smith Point finds , and they were found on the bayshore just a couple hundred yards from my house.  The rest in that frame were from two sites I visit weekly on Clear Creek, which runs into Clear Lake. Clear Lake where NASA is , is directly connected to Galveston Bay between Kemah and Seabrook.
        The frame of Arrowheads only is exclusively from these two sites as well as the one in my palm. There is no indigenous knappable rock around the Bay, so all material had to be brought in, probably by trade.  Many years ago Lee Patterson told me that all the flint material found around here , was from the Colorado River basin.
        Interestingly, on the other side of the bay (Smith Point) the knappable material is usually petrified wood. This could have come from areas north and east of Houston where petrified wood abounds in the soil.  As you can see in the upper corner of the mixed frame the worn knife is a red petrified wood.
        The Awl with the hash marks came from Smith Point in a sunken shell midden area that is normally under 14" of water. To find a bone tool of that age is pretty neat.  
Found in Comal County by TAAA member Mike, on a private lease.
In my opinion these are AtlAtl weights, not Gorgets.  The difference is that the Gorgets don't have the Convex, Oval or Turtle back shape.  They are designed to be attached to an AtlAtl so as to fine tune the throwing stick.  Something similar to lead weights on a tire (in modern times).  Gorgets are flat becuase they were worn as adornments or even used to hold leather together such as a large button would.

These Surface finds were found by TAAA member... Louis.  His TAAA name is Lou-Fasa.

These artifacts were found by long time TAAA member Peggy G., her friends and family.  Burnet County area.