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Texas Dig Sites and Services Listed

Space is available here to advertise your dig sites.  Email for fee.  texasaaa@aol.com

Reach most of all diggers interested in artifact digging here!

Dig Sites, ADVERTIES HERE!- Fee includes a large ad on this page with enough photos to represent your company.  Your ad will be created for you which is included in the fee.  There is a first month announcement fee and then a monthly charge as long as you keep it up.
Email for fees. texasaaa@aol.com

Artifact Shows, Advertise your show ALL year for one price!  If you have more than one show per year the fee is per date.  $50  Your create your ad and I post it.  or a $40 one time set up fee + ad fee ($90).  We will list your show for free under Artifact Show link.