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Another Kind of Collector
I would like to thank Dan Woehr for sharing his adventures as he literally travels the world in search of the finest fossils ever found on the surface and with limited digging.  He goes to "extreme" measures to document his finds.  Something ever artifact collector could and should learn from!  Without information they become, just rocks.  So "Rock On" Mr. Woehr, please continue to send updates and I will try to include them here!  By the way, Dan has come to the TAAA digs before also. As I remember it he was not that bad of an artifact hunter either!

From: Dan Woehr
Subject: Re: Ms. Brett and Dan's September 2011 EuroFossil Report

  I've spent thousands of hours on research, covered 125000 miles scouting sites, and $50k in travel expenses to narrow my search over the last 9 years.  
i tend to slice the "locality pie" amongst a handful of family and like minded friends, most heavily in the son and girlfriend dept, with few enough slices to keep it fun and worthwhile.  
If your diggers have any questions on id, prep or stratigraphy feel free to forward me their questions via email. or if they've found a mammoth graveyard and need you and me to assess the situation, i think we can come to terms!
If you have a question for Dan regarding fossils as highlighted in RED above please send them to me: texasaaa@aol.com.  I will forward them to Dan.

Here is the link to Another Kind of Collecting!  Courtesy of Dan Woehr!